Landscapes so big and open and rugged that they stretch your soul. Craggy peaks jutting into the sky and the resident mountain goats to match. There is a reason this place is called the "Crown of the Continent."  Find it out for yourself.

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Cross-country Skiing


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Glacier in summer

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Grizzlies. Wolves. Bison and bears. Geysers, valleys and hot springs. In the middle of it all you’ll find more than you can imagine. Room to breathe. Geological wonders that are more spectacular than words can describe. Subalpine forests teeming with wildlife. America’s first National Park is steeped in history. Come make some of your own.

Photos: (clockwise from top left): Lower Two Medicine Lake – Stephen Brown; Elk in river - J. Henry; Snow covered buffalo - J. Henry; Thermal activity - K. Takata; Snowy stream - Joshua Peterson; Snowy falls - Joshua Peterson.